A large-scale forum from the SAMO development center was held in Kazakhstan

The SAMO Club business tour took place in Tashkent
June 24, 2022
March 22, 2023

On May 15, 2022, the international forum “Investments with Profit” was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. This is the second event of this level held by the international human development center “SAMO”. The forum was dedicated to the world of finance: the participants learned about classical markets, stocks, bonds, shares in the business and the real estate from the top experts in these areas of investment.

The leading investors from different countries took the floor at the SAMO international forum. What unites them is the fact that each of them underwent a training course on the investment strategy development by Saidmurod Davlatov and applied the acquired knowledge in practice earning millions of dollars.

All speakers of the forum:

Saidmurod Davlatov - an expert in the field of investment strategy development and long-term planning

Aleksey Kim - an expert in the field of investment education

Sergei Kim - an expert in business investment

Umidzhon Razikov - an expert in the field of financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges

The participants received the knowledge required to build a successful investment strategy in just one day. The forum covered such topics as:

  • Shaping the investor’s thinking
  • Identifying the most promising investment niche
  • The difference between an investor and a businessman
  • Developing an investment strategy
  • Allocating an investment portfolio

The event ended on a high motivational note.
And already in September, SAMO is preparing the 3rd large-scale forum

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