A business tour to large companies in Kazakhstan and a training session by Margulan Seisembaev

The Tajik-Turkmen business forum took place in Dushanbe
June 1, 2023
June 16, 2023

On May 18, more than 50 entrepreneurs from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, Egypt and Turkmenistan went on a business tour to large companies and holding companies in Almaty. The tour was arranged as a part of the training in the “SAMO” business club. The event started with a business breakfast. Further, the training session by Saidmurod Davlatov was held, which provided a strong start to the business tour. All this was strengthened by the meeting with Armanzhan Baitasov @armanzhan – the founder of the largest media holding company “Tan Media Group” in Kazakhstan.

Then, the entire delegation headed by Saidmurod Davlatov held 2 meetings with Azamat Maratovich Osmanov, the Chief Executive Officer of “Magnum cash & carry”, @magnum.kz, as well as the management of Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan @hyundai.trans.kz. At the meeting, Azamat Osmanov shared his experience of doing business in different countries and told interesting cases from the history of enterprise management. Over 15 years, “Magnum cash & carry” has opened 200+ branches in fourteen Kazakhstan cities and become the country’s largest trade and retail network.

The business tour continued with the tour to the enterprise “KMK investment” as well as to the plant “Temirbeton-1” LLP. The delegation received live cases, new ideas and knowledge at the site.

The business tour ended with the training session by Margulan Seisembaev – a billionaire, an investor and a businessman.

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