Citizens of the CIS Countries Can Buy any Smartphone in Installments

The Film “One in a Million” Premiered One by One
November 25, 2021

The Latest iPhone? New Samsung? Xiaomi?

In the past, buying a new smartphone was an unaffordable luxury for many people. But times are changing and companies like MOBILNIK-RU are making even expensive gadgets affordable. Now, buying the desired smartphone is possible with any income and in installments.

The new Company, which has already made hundreds of customers happy, opened its doors in Moscow at the address: Office No.7, 2nd floor, Bulk 2, Block 32, Volgogradsky Ave. The whole process of buying a new smartphone is described in 3 simple steps: choosing a model in the online assortment of the store, booking with filling out the form and receiving the smartphone itself. You can make a reservation directly on the Company’s website.

At the moment, the service is available for citizens of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. In the future, the geography will only expand.

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