Just Opened, PHITOVIT Won Prestigious Awards

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November 25, 2021
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March 8, 2022

Just Opened, PHITOVIT Won Prestigious Awards

2021 turned out to be more than productive for the “Vitamins of Tajikistan” Wholesale and Distribution Centre. The Company, which managed to enter the international level, branched off the new “Phitovit” Company. This subsidiary of WDC is engaged in the production of organic fertilizers.

The new Company took part in the agricultural exhibition of Tajikistan, where it won two awards at once – “Enterprise – Leader” from the Eurasian Union of States and award in the nomination of “One Step Ahead. For Success.”

“Phitovit” fertilizers make up for the lack of nutrients in plants. They increase yield, stimulate growth and protect against adverse factors such as: rot, spotting, pitting, cracking of fruits. Their composition helps to endure sudden changes in temperature. The quality of fruits is improved, up to the taste and early yield.

Fertilizers are recommended to apply from the beginning of vegetation during periods of stress and maximum nutritional intake. There have been produced several types, which are accompanied by instructions for use.