Oxford School Receives Accreditation from the Ministry of Education of Tajikistan

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Oxford School Receives Accreditation from the Ministry of Education of Tajikistan

Oxford School, a key educational institution within the UDI Group network, has recently achieved a significant milestone by receiving accreditation from the Ministry of Education of Tajikistan. This event marks a crucial recognition of the high quality of the school's educational process and its compliance with strict educational standards.

The accreditation is the result of the collective efforts of the entire Oxford School team, demonstrating their commitment to continuous development and improvement of the educational program. Oxford School has established itself as an institution that not only imparts knowledge but also shapes the future of the country by nurturing responsible, educated, and creative individuals.

This accreditation reaffirms Oxford School's dedication to providing education of the highest standard and preparing students for successful futures in a rapidly changing world. It underscores the school's significance and contribution to Tajikistan's educational system.

Oxford School extends its gratitude to its teachers, students, and their parents for their invaluable contribution and support in achieving this important milestone. With this accreditation, Oxford continues its journey forward, ensuring the best education for its students and strengthening its position as a leading educational establishment in the region.