Phitovit Organic

Greenhouse Complex
April 15, 2022
“Chashmai Umed” Charitable Foundation
April 15, 2022
  • Sector:Agriculture

About Us

The area of activity: Agriculture

The «Phitovit» enterprise is a daughter company of “Vitamins of Tajikistan” WDC. It is engaged in the manufacture of organic fertilizers. «Phitovit» fertilizers compensate for a shortcoming of fertilizer elements in the plants. They boost crop yields, stimulate the growth and protect from such adverse factors as rot, maculation, pitted condition and fruit dehiscence. Their composition helps tolerate the sudden changes in temperature. The quality of fruits improves up to their taste and early crop yield.

The fertilizers are recommended to be used from the beginning of the vegetation during periods of stress and maximum nutrition consumption. Several types have been manufactured and the usage instruction is attached to each of them.


Head: Aminov Saidzhon Sobirzhanovich

Director: Khaidarov Akmal Khamzaevich