“Chashmai Umed” Charity Foundation

Online Premiere “One in a Million” on YouTube
March 8, 2022
The President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon Visited the Opening of OXFORD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL in Khujand
April 15, 2022

“Chashmai Umed” Charity Foundation

The red rubber heart on hands of elderly and child. Showed the cooperate, love, care, charity of people with differences diversity for sustain develop of farmer, community, society and the environment

Welcome to the Source of Hope!

SMALL ACTIONS LEAD TO BIG CHANGES! We want to encourage people to take part in the fate of every person who has faced a serious life challenging, where every person has found his place and support in a caring society.

Together we create a better everyday life for those who are left without the support of loved ones. Improving the social level and eliminating illiteracy of the population, protecting economic, social, moral and other rights and freedoms of low-income citizens, assisting in the activities of institutions in the field of health, education, science and culture, developing charity through socially significant initiatives. You can ask for help by going to the Foundation’s website www.chashmai-umed.tj, all messages are private and are considered in turn.

And if you want to become a partner, volunteer and part of our team, drop a line to us on telephone number +992 009990607 (Telegram or WhatsApp)

No one should be left alone in a hopeless situation. Do good!

5/3 Kasymov Str., Dushanbe, the Republic of Tajikistan
Tel: +992 009990607