he Announcement of the Forum “The Company of the Future”

June 30, 2023
OXFORD in Khujand: How a Tajik School is Creating World Leaders!
September 7, 2023

he Announcement of the Forum “The Company of the Future”

The Company of the Future: The Meeting of Leaders in Tashkent!

There are always changes in the world of business. What does the future hold for us? What innovations and technologies will be critical for your business? How to become a leader and learn how to manage a team in a rapidly changing world? If you ask yourself these questions, we have the answers for you!

📅 One of the most anticipated events of this summer - the “COMPANY OF THE FUTURE” Forum - will take place on September 10 in the picturesque city of Tashkent. This event will bring together the best experts and entrepreneurs willing to share their experience, knowledge and insights into the future of business.

What awaits you at the forum?

- Innovation and Technology.* Learn how to use the latest scientific and technological advances to develop your business and stay competitive.

- Leadership and Team Management.* Learn proven techniques and strategies to create and maintain a high-performing team.

- Network capabilities.* Meeting colleagues from different industries will enable you to share experiences, establish business connections and find new partners.

There will be masterclasses, reports and panel discussions, as well as many other interesting and useful events.

Why is it worth visiting the forum?

This is your chance to keep up to date with the latest innovations, gain new skills and knowledge, and be inspired to create or develop your own business. At the forum, you will be able to establish valuable contacts with professionals in your industry, which can be a starting point for new successful projects.

👉 We invite you to become a part of this unique meeting of leaders that will determine the future of business in our region. If you are ready to bring your business to a new level, leave “👍” in the comments below!

Don’t miss this opportunity. Together we will create the COMPANY of the FUTURE!