OXFORD in Khujand: How a Tajik School is Creating World Leaders!

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September 7, 2023
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September 15, 2023

OXFORD in Khujand: How a Tajik School is Creating World Leaders!

World-class education is highly valued in the contemporary world, and every country is proud of its educational institutions that prepare students for global challenges. One of them, the pride of Tajikistan, is undoubtedly the OXFORD School in Khujand city.

The project of the UDI Group Holding Company

First of all, let’s look behind the scenes of this educational institution. The OXFORD School is not just another school, it is a well-thought-out and ambitious project, which is supported by the powerful UDI Group Holding Company. The goal of this educational institution was to provide students in Tajikistan with access to world-class education without leaving the borders of their motherland.

Global training standards

OXFORD adheres to international training standards. These are not just words - the results speak for themselves. This year, 8 students have been successfully admitted to the leading universities of the world. From the Czech Republic to Korea, from politics and economics to programming and languages - the diversity of fields chosen by the students demonstrates the deep and comprehensive education they have received at OXFORD.

The stories of success .

Let me introduce you to some of these bright young minds:

- Farzona Dzhuraeva has chosen politics and economics and has been admitted to the Carlos University in the Czech Republic.

- Sarvinoz Raufova will study chemical engineering at the Uldiz Technical Institute in Turkey.

- Manizha Abdullaeva has travelled to Qatar to study world economics at the Georgian Town University.

... and these are just a few examples of the eight!

Your chance to become a part of the world’s intellectual elite

You may be wondering: “Can I become a part of this remarkable educational story?”. The answer is definitely yes. OXFORD in Khujand is always happy to welcome talented and ambitious students. You can apply for admission on the official website of [OXFORD](https://www.oxford.tj) or contact directly by phone: +992 88 559 7777 (WhatsApp).

To summarize, it is safe to say that OXFORD in Khujand is not just a school, it is a bridge to the world educational community, your chance to make a name for yourself and your future in the global arena.