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April 15, 2022
April 15, 2022

About Us

The area of activity: Books publishing

«SD Publisher» LLP is a publishing house and an official representative office of the author Saidmurod Davlatov. The publishing house has published a series of “Ant's philosophy” books that have been sold with a circulation of over 3 million copies.

The company is engaged in the creation, the sale and the translation of books into several languages of the world.

The date of establishment is July 20, 2020. In the next 5 years, it is planned to translate the books of the publishing house into 10 languages and launch sales in Turkey, India, China and Malaysia. Additionally, the enterprise will create a symbiosis of a publishing and media area. It will be possible to train effectively a large number of people of any age category with its help.

Moscow, the presentation of the book published by EKSM «How to Become a Millionaire in the CIS. 1 0 Steps to a Successful Life». November 19, 2019.


Director - Sidorenko Pavel Anatolyevich

Address: Almaty, Almaly district, Nauryzbai Batyra, 17/1 / Torekulova, 66/2, 9th floor, office 902
TEL: +7 771 213 1961
Instagram: @s.davlatova_books